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I'm planning on making gingerbread with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a little gingerbread  man cutout, egg nog with egg nog buttercream, peppermint cake with white chocolate buttercream with crushed candy canes on top, and sugar cookie cupcakes with vanilla buttercream with sanding sugar or a small cutout cookie topper.

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I think you got plenty of ideas on what cupcakes you can make; so would just give you some tips on cupcake boxes. As you just mentioned that you need to gift them, have you thought about the boxes you'll use to pack them up. I think you should buy or make theme-based cupcake boxes, which is Christmas here, of course.

For instance, you may buy a simple yellow colored cardboard box and decorate it using golden sparkle and tie it with a single beautiful ribbon. Be sure to make the knot properly else it will look bad. You can also paste some graphics or logos onto the box like you may write “Happy Christmas” on the box with sparkle or color pens and add a picture of Santa or goodies. It will look amazing.


And if you are going to throw a party, you can also place your delicious cupcakes on stands for your guests to enjoy.

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Hello I am a new member here ant I love red velvet cupcakes with creme cheese frosting.But last year I had maked a turrón(it is from Spain in Christmas) cupcakes and were delicious.Bye!

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also a nice flavour would be.....

chocolate with a candy cane buttercream

traditional fruit cake with a fruit mince  filling

redvelvet with a eggnog buttercream

:) hope this helped!

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Here are some that I have made;



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Originally Posted by beantownsara88 View Post

I love Christmas! I have been thinking about this already too... I think I am going to do a Creme de Menthe cupcake (filled with ganache). I also want to do a Gingerbread Latte cupcake. Haven't quite figured out what the components will be yet though. I just love gingerbread lattes!

Do you have th recipe for Creme de Menthe cupcakes you wouldn't mind sharing? They sound soo good, ok so I'm a but of a peppermint(ish) addict!
The Simple Life Can Taste So Sweet!
The Simple Life Can Taste So Sweet!
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