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sugggestttionnssss plzzzzz with cricut cake

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I would love to know how does everyone is using there cricut cake machine? ive tried mmf and everytime without any success... ive tried frezzing, waitn to dry some and everytime it cuts it drags it out and distore my shape... p.s its very thin ....uuughhh
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Hello, I have a cake cricut. It is hard to use fondant. Way easier to use gumpaste. Make sure you have a good amount of shortening on your board first. Don't make it to shiny. Then when you press the fondant on bu sure to use the fondant smoother. Also rub a bit of shortening on top of the fondant with your hand. Just enough not to make it shiny but a bit slippery I guess you could say. That should help in not stick to the blade. If it is tearing or dragging the fondant may be to thick or soft, you may need to speed it up or use less pressure . Hope this helps
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I have never worked with MMF, but I use my Cricut Cake almost every week! I find that modeling chocolate cuts best, but "fat-based" fondants (like Fondarific) also cut very well. I have cut gumpaste with pretty good success. Anything I cut spends 5 minutes in the freezer before I cut it. If you're near a Michaels, use a coupon and get a package of Duff fondant. It is very similar to Fondarific, and will firm up nicely when cold.

BTW, I gave up on trying to cut regular fondant a long time ago. It just doesn't work very well.
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Try using Linda McClure's gumpaste recipe that she formulated to use with the Cricut. She has a great YouTube tutorial that shows you how to make the gumpaste and work with the machine.
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thnx so much grls, I do hav a micheals very close by I will try to see if duff fondant wrks better...also will try the gumpaste, because am ready to giv up n sell it....I have seen lots of cool things made with it n I wud luv to atleast make one lol..I've had it for abt 4 mths n use it 4 times with no luck so gave up...thnx for the tips though.
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Definitely keep at it, the Cricut has a learning curve for sure.
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Thnx so much ill try my best, dnt wana think I did a bad investment.....btw duff was no gud for me
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