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How easy is Wilton's intro gumpaste/fondant course?

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I want to take the Wilton class on advanced fondant and gumpaste techniques, but I'm wondering if I should take the intro one first. I've worked with fondant and gumpaste on my own, so I don't know if they go over things I may have missed that I need to know before taking the advanced course. Anyone know? Feel free to look at my gallery.
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I walked into the course with no previous experience, just on line tutorials, and did fine. If you already have a knack for gum paste then should have no problems.
Good luck!
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So, you went to the advanced course and it was fine? I really want to learn how to make gumpaste flowers, and I do much better seeing it done in person, rather than on youtube.
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It's a very very simple course! The first night was a bit rushed but after that, it was very slow paced
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After looking at your gallery, I don't think you'll have any problems with the advanced course. If you're still worried about it, go to the store and flip through the book for the course. You'll do fine.
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Thanks cheatize! The only thing is, they say the previous course is a pre-requisite, but I'm hoping it's more of an don't ask, don't tell type of thing. I mean, they can't seriously ban me from a class for not taking the pre-requisite. It's not Harvard...
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Talk directly to the teacher and tell the teacher your experience so far. The basic course is supposedly a pre-req for all the other ones but I talked to the teacher and she had no problems letting me take the class once I told her about my experience.

I took the flower course where you make the basketweave cake, royal icing flowers, and a few gumpaste flowers like the country rose and then I took the new gumpaste flowers course where you make lilies, stephanotis, etc.... I had zero problems with either previous knowledge needed or my skill level. I had different teachers for each course and neither one had a problem with me skipping the basic cake deco course.
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How long ago did you take the classes? They changed them recently. It used to be that the basic course was the pre-req for all the others, but now supposedly you have to take course 1 before course2, then course 2 before course 3, etc. The one I want to take is course 4, and I've only taken that first basic course (4 years ago). But it seems like I'd be fine without the others.
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