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Border punch - sugar sheets

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Has anyone ever used a Martha Stewart border punch on sugar sheets? If so, did it work well?
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I haven't tired anything with the Wilton Sugar Sheets if that's what you're talking about but I paper punch the edible image sheets that I get from icing images (their premium house brand) all the time and it works great. My only advice is not to punch them ahead of time. The little bit of flexibility the fresh sheets have helps to keep the often delicate patterns from breaking (I'm usually doing snowflakes) wheres trying to move ones punched the night before can be pretty difficult. I have also airbrushed the sheets with colors and/or shimmer before punching (let it dry 10 min or so) and that works great too.
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Thank you for your response! It is the Wilton sugar sheets I'm referring to.
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I'm sure they are pretty similar products and worth a try. Here's a bump in case anyone more experienced with them can chime in icon_smile.gif
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You can punch rice paper, which is available at most cake supply stores.
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I've also used a martha stewart burder punch with gumpaste. I rolled it out pretty thin, I think a 5 or 6 on my pasta roller, then placed it in the freezer. It only takes a few minutes to freeze, but I found it thawed really quickly again, so I did my punching in the freezer (walk-in) and had no problem. The other key is making sure to lift the punch in between punches to keep the cuts clean and keep the scraps from getting in the way.
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