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mmf help????

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every time I keep making the mmf I keep noticing I have issue with the sugar being to clumping, It always takes forever to knead and I find like little hard clumps of sugar, is this normal??? Also my fondant always appears to have like little pot marks, indentions... what am I doing wrong??? please help

you can either comment here or email me at!!
Thanks for your help

the recipe I'm using is
16 oz mini marshmellows
2 tbs water
7 cups confectioners sugar

I coat everything with crisco, and melt marshmellows at 30 min intervals. Most of the time I dont even use all of the sugar because I think it makes it too dry! I feel like im kneading for like 10 - 12 mins. and then trying to get all the clumps of sugar takes forever!!!
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Sift your PS first to get rid of the clumps.
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it seems to take for ever I use a flour sifter, and it its always getting clogged up, and my hands will be killing me... any tips for sifting then??
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I use a stainless steel mesh strainer to sift.
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thanks def will give it a try icon_smile.gif
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I agree about sifting the powdered sugar. My MIL has a sifter that you squeeze and it does take forever and make your hands hurt, but I have one that you spin the sifter and it goes really quickly and only cost like $6 at WinCo. Also, are you kneading it completely by hand or do you start in a stand mixer with the dough hook? The first two times I made MMF I kneaded by hand because that's what the directions said and then I thought, "Wait, I have a machine for this" and my life became so much better. I of course knead by hand a bit at the end, but I wouldn't want anyone else to join in my original stupidity.
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thats a good idea as well I've never tried my dough hook on my kitchen aid, I've always just thought it prob would not work that well bc I just thought ur hands do a better job. I guess its worth a shot! about how long do you need it in the mixer for and any special tips?
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I usually knead in the kitchenaid for about 5-7 minutes and then finish for a few more minutes by hand. Seriously, it's a life saver. Lightly coat the bowl and hook with shortening, start it out slow to incorporate the powdered sugar then speed it up to about a 4-5. Doing it by hand took me like an hour to make one batch and now I can whip it up in 10 minutes.
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