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Hello! I got a wilton fanci fountain from a relative to use in our business and we set it up and it ran fine for about 20 minutes and then all of the sudden it doesn't work now at all!
The lights work and it sounds like the motor is running but the little propeller isn't spinning at all...WHAT DO I DO? I need to use it for a sweet 16 in a month and I can't afford $80 for a new one!
Help Please ASAP!!!
AND before yall say it didn't have enough water in it IT DID!!!! we double checked that after reading other forums!
we did not use distilled water though...would that have this kind of an impact?
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Originally Posted by ms_janetfortier

IT DID!!!!

But does it still now? It evaporates quickly and splashes, so it could need to be slightly overfilled past the "it works" stage.

If it has the bobber, trying pulling up on that to see if it works... it might be stuck.

Distilled water isn't necessary.
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We have figured it out that the rotor peice is broken...the part that the magnet sits on has broken and now it wont spin...NOW we can't figure out where to get a new one or if there is a way to fix it! any one have any ideas? I have emailed wilton directly and have gotten no reply!
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If you have one: take it to your local aquarium place. They deal with water pumps all the time.

Or else take this to a local electric repair shop. Not one for kitchen appliances, but one for electric motors like power tools. They can figure out what part to substitute for the rotor because they would be some common size.

Ask for a price quote BEFORE you commit--those people charge a fair price but you want to know it up front.
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You can buy fountain pieces at bakerycraftsdotcom
Jesus loves you!
Jesus loves you!
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