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Giant cupcake

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I am making a giant cupcake for the first time for my daughter's bday. I've noticed that most people cover the bottom of the cupcake with chocolate candy melts to look like a cupcake liner. I was wondering if I could just cover it in fondant instead? Thanks for your help in advance.
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Not really specific to your answer, but I made a giant cupcake for a friend ( its in my gallery), and I covered the top in fondant and the bottom part of the cupcake in Swiss meringue buttercream. I am sure you could use fondant. It held up really well. I drove it about 20 miles to my friends house. Of course I used dowels just as I would have with a stacked wedding cake. Hope this helps.
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I've made quite a few of them and use melted chocolate but you can use fondant too.
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How about using kit cat bars? You can separate the sticks and put them around the sides maybe with a little buttercream and a ribbon to look nice? Haven't tried it but it would be an interesting look.
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