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Vegan Gumpaste

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Is there such thing as vegan gumpaste? I can't find anything about it. Everyone seems to think that Santin Ice is vegan... but, the gumpaste is not. Thanks for any help!
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Satin Ice fondant is vegan, but their gum paste contains eggs. I believe Wilton gum paste is vegan but you should confirm to make sure (it may contain gelatin which would rule it out).

You may need to make your own, which would involve using beet sugar instead of cane sugar (unless you can find cane sugar that has not been processed with animal bones) and vegan gelatin alternatives.
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A quick question: are you expecting the gumpaste items to be consumed? If not, what would be the difference than?
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Some vegan customers do not want any non-vegan items to be used on the cake, even if they are for decoration only. Same reason vegans don't buy fur coats or leather shoes.
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^ What Jason said. Not just about consumption of the product but the principal of it icon_smile.gif
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Is tylose powder vegan. If so you can take your fondant and put tylose in it.
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Vegans do not use or eat anything animal derived. It's about ethics. They would rather not have decorations, than have them containing animal ingredients.

Tylose powder is plant based! What would be the ratio?
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I usually start with about 2 tsp per pound of fondant and keep adding until it feels stiff enough. It changes the feel of fondant very quickly. For me it just depends on the day for how much I knead into it. I usually knead for about 5 minutes after adding the tylose.
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Thank you so much!
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