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fruit cake recipe

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hi all,
i starting to think ahead to christmas now and i would like a really great fruit cake recipe i just cant find one. do any of you have a recipe for a 8" round?

also how far in advance should i make my fruit cakes alcoholic and non alcoholic? ive only made sponge cake upto now n feel i have perfected that so need to move on and up x

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Go out now and buy a pound of candied/dried pineapple and a pound each of the raisins you prefer to use. Buy candied ginger and orange peel too, if you like them. Chop up the pineapple and wash the raisins. Put into a jar and cover with rum, brandy or whatever you prefer. Let these sit a week before you start baking. Shake the jar every few days.

I will post a general fruitcake recipe soon but I do not give specific fruit combos as different people like different combos. I buy a total weight of fruit and mixed up from whatever looks good at the bulk food store.
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hi x ive been out and got my fruit but how much brandy do i put on it and how long do i need to soak it for?
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Enough brandy to cover the filled jar but don't press the fruit down too hard.

Soak for as long as you like--up to a month. After two weeks it doesn't change much so you can tuck the jar into a cool place until you are ready to bake. I bake as soon as it gets cool in September to age the cakes before they become holiday gifts.

When you want to bake, allow the fruit to drain overnight but save the liquid--use that in the cake batter in place of marmalade.
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