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Bourbon cake

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Hi all
I'm making a cake for a friend. He's a massive wild turkey bourbon fan so I thought I'd do a bottle laying in a box type cake. My question.... How can I incorporate bourbon flavour and how??
Into the cake itself? Into a filling? Or the ganache? Can I just add the bourbon itself? Or do I use a liqueur flavouring? What flavours work best with bourbon? Any ideas or recipes would be awesome. Thanks!!
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Funny I just did this last night! when the hot cake came out the oven I spooned about 2 shots over (8x11" sheet) and I made a whiskey buttercream with about a shot or two in a lb of BC. My whiskey goes well with vanilla so thats all the other flavour I added but some more smoky whiskies go well with citrus, chocolate or spice in my opinion.
Hope that helps icon_smile.gif
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Colette Peters has an excellent chocolate-bourbon cake recipe found here

I have made it with and without the coconut - excellent both ways. I filled the non-coconut version with the bourbon-spiked ganache and frosted with regular buttercream using bourbon as the only liquid.
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Great. Thanks. I'll give it a go. Is it dense and 'carvable'?
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If you are making a half bottle, find some small-ish round cake pans. Cheap at Wal-mart or small foil pans are great.. Cut the cakes in half.

DO NOT waste time carving a bottle when you can use your brain...
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Bourbon is excellent in yellow cake too. Use it like you would use vanilla extract, but use that too. The final taste is mellow and complimentary to the cake.

I use Makers Mark and Knob Creek. I think they are a little smoother than Wild Turkey. You may get a little more "bite" from that brand.

I suggest about three tbsp to start, then add more to taste. Just taste the batter and remember that the baked product will be much more mellow than the batter.
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