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A Jump on Christmas

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Hey there!

So I have a huge, incredibly large, way too many people in one room family--and Christmas has gotten a little out of control! No one wants to go to pulling a name out of a hat for presents or just giving to the kids. So, I have to be creative to be able to afford to give each person some token that they like and appreciate--but doesn't break the bank for me. And I know that it is still August--but I usually start shopping in September so that I can spread my bills out and be able to pay for everything over a couple months instead of all in one shopping trip.

This year, I was thinking about making jars of cake for everyone! My first thought was cinnamon or egg nog but then I thought red velvet would be festive looking. Anyway--I have never made cake in a jar and I seem to come across two different thoughts of it--bake the cake and seal it up hot out of the oven? Or--add filling/icing and decoration on top before closing the lid. Which way would be better? I like the idea that the cake is really sealed in there from the heat--but I like icing! And it would make it prettier to look at through the glass if there were different textures in there.

Also--how long in advance could I make these cakes and them still be yummy when Santa comes?


And Merry Christmas to all of you WAY in advance!
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I like your idea but if it were me I would go with something a little less "time sensitive" i.e. perishable and do a dry mix for bread or cocoa or something. I think with cake in a jar you are going to have a hard time with refrigeration if you do cream cheese icing. If you wanted to do the red velvet thing you could always do cake balls if you're into those. I wouldn't use any binder and then just cover them with white chocolate and box them up in festive boxes. I always do edible gifts and I have been thinking about my Christmas dessert menu for some time now. icon_smile.gif
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I have never really been that great with the cake pops and they seem like they would be even more work! Maybe I could make, seal, and freeze lots of jars of cake and then take them out and add some icing on Christmas eve with a big piped swirl! How does that sound?
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Anyone else out there ever made cake jars.....or jarks?
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Glory from Glorious Treats does cupcakes in a jar. I don't know if that is similar to what you were thinking. You can check out her blog. She has tutorials on how she does it.

Your idea of baking, freezing and then frosting when ready sounds sensible. I don't know how fresh the cake will be in the jar. I have only wrapped cakes in Saran wrap and then foil. But if you think the jar will prevent freezer burn and keep out other nasty things then go for it.
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The cupcake jars look beautiful! I may do that--just a few trays of cupcakes and I don't have to worry about the cake baking through in the jar. Thanks for the help!
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Crazy long thread with a bizillion ideas icon_smile.gif
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