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Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Techniques

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Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Frosting Tutorials
Below are 3 very popular techniques for getting your buttercream frosted cake perfectly smooth.
Post links to videos using these techniques and other smooth buttercream icing methods in a reply to this thread!

Do you have a buttercream tutorial you would like to submit? It's easy, just post it here:

Image VIVA Paper Towel Method

Image Upside Down Method 1

Image Upside Down Method 2

Image Foam Roller (Melvira) Method

Image How To Frost a Square Cake & Get Crisp Corners with Buttercream

birthday.gif Jackie


birthday.gif Jackie

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When I first starting decorating cakes, I used most, if not all of these methods to get my buttercream smooth, but I was never happy with the taste or really the look of crusting buttercream. I preferred the taste of an all-butter, non-crusting icing, but most of these methods didn't work with the non-crusters. I tried technique after technique, and I finally found a method that worked for me. After many requests from readers of my blog, I finally created a few YouTube videos to document the process. Here they are:

Smooth Buttercream Tutorial

Icing a Square cake Smooth

Diamond Buttercream Quilting Tutorial
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Jenniffer- thank you so much for posting a link to your tutorial! I have never had luck with the Viva method and will be trying your method on my next cake.

Thank you again!

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The upside down method is hands down the best and easiest method to get smooth buttercream/ganache. I use the upside down method for all my cakes and I only ever use either ganache or SMBC (which is non crusting) - I wouldn't use any other technique icon_smile.gif
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