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Getting the word out about new cookie business

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Hi all,
I was just wondering what kind of steps you all took to get people to notice your cookie business. I am new to the "selling" of decorated cookies. I have created a facebook page and had some business cards made up and tell everyone I come in contact with.
What else should I be doing. I do not want to pay for a web site, are there free ones available?
Just looking for tips and/or friendly suggestions.

Check out my FB page I sure could use some "likes".
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for me much of my business has come from word of mouth. you can get page 'likes' through forums, facebook ads, networking groups but I have not found that those translate into much actual business. Make samples for whoever you are connected to -- friends, family, coworkers, etc -- they may not buy from you but they are often your best resource to get started as they are the people that are most likely to spread the word. You could try renting a table at a craft show or farmers market. I get a lot of my business through a momsgroup that I am part of.
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I know you said you don't want to pay for your web site, but the web is often the first point of contact for your business, and a FB page does not really come across as professional. I strongly recommend contacting a professional web designer to put together a web site and an online advertising strategy to help publicize your business.
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Thank you. I appreciate you feedback and will work on those suggestions.
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First of all congrats for your business.I think you should also give advertisement in newspaper or magazines or do some banner advertising like buy one get one free cookie box which will attract the people.
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I started on Facebook for my business and recently put together a free website with Check them out! My website isn't fancy, it's more simple and straightforward, but I'm hoping it will do the job. Here's a link if you want to see mine...

Good luck with your business!

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You can also make an Etsy page, but make sure you have some professional looking shots of your cookies. Personally that can make or break a sale for me.

Sweetopia had a great blog post on photographing your sweets:

I hope this helps!
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Gina, she would need an FDA license to ship cookies.
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Really! I didn't know that! It seems so many people on Etsy sells their baked goods, I just thought it was a way to put their products out there.

That actually makes me feel good! Protect the consumer and all that jazz icon_smile.gif
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