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Tip/Suggestion for Using "The Mat"

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Hi Guys

I wanted to share a tip I discovered today- it may have already been posted- or some of you may know this already but- I am thinking I could be a genious here-ha!!

So, one issue I was having when using The Mat (which I LOVE), by Sweetwise, was that it would slide all over the table- I placed a square of shelf non-stick underneath it when rolling and it did not budge-- nor did it leave any indentations/marks on the bottom of my fondant- worked like a charm!!

Also, I was given great advice on storing The Mat- to avoid creases- rollup one sheet- not too tight- then roll the second around the first and place back in the tube-works great- i did not have to become Ms. McGuyver and design a storage system for it-

Just wanted to share

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Thanks, Mo, for these great tips. I ordered my mat about 4 months ago, and I am still waiting to receive it. Seems there was a problem in production. I will definitely keep your tips in mind......whenever I receive my mat.
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Hi Mo,

I was so excited when I saw the video on how 'The Mat' works that i ordered one up. I have such problems with covering cakes in fondant and I thought for sure this was my answer. Well I decided to make up a batch of mmf, it turned out great. I went to roll it out on the mat and it was a complete disaster!! My mmf stuck to the fondant SO bad. I went to their website and they said to add more p/s to the fondant, I did but it still kept sticking! I ended up adding so much p/s that the fondant ended up crumbling. Do you have any suggestions?
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Cryssl-- Just saw your post--

I don't use MMF- I know it can act differently then fondant- but, when first using The Mat- you have to "season" it. Rub Crisco or off brand (doesn't matter) on to The Mat and then wipe it off, leaving a very thin coat of the crisco on. You may have to season it more than once. You also my see some pock marks in your fondant until it is properly seasoned- I think mine was perfect after 3 or 4 times of prep and use.

I would not use powdered sugar at all- that is one of the advantages of The Mat- your fondant will not dry out, crack, get elephant skin etc- also you will be able to roll it out much thinner-

I love it-- it is a great tool once you get it properly seasoned and get used to using it-

Hope this info helps

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