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Cupcake individual boxes

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Anyone has any idea from where to buy CHEAPEST but good quality cupcake holder boxes in BULK? .. I need the one which has window at top.. I have seen many sites but never bought one so if anyone has any regular buying experience, I'd appreciate if you share that.. I need atleast 200 boxes..
OR if not boxes, is there any super fancy idea to pack is in presentable way?? I saw on Pinterest, there was one idea in which a clear plastic 9oz cup was used to put the cupcake & wrapped it with cellophane with tiny pretty ribbon bow... It was seriously pretty cool idea.. very cute looking but only thing is I'm not sure how to put the frosted cupcake in cup OR how the customer will take it out without messing up.. OR u need to attach tiny plastic spoon to it..

What do u think?? Which idea would be cheaper, feasible & will make ur customer happy.. Your opinion counts So please feel free to write back..
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I order my boxes from Big River Packaging. You need to order in bulk, but it doesn't sound like thats a problem for you icon_smile.gif. And I believe shipping is free for those of you in the US!
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post #4 of 4 The more you buy in bulk the bigger percentage in discounts. icon_cool.gif
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