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Remember Sweet Celebrations?

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Do you all think there is a need for a store that sells Peter's Chocolate, Callebaut Chocolate, etc like Sweet Celebrations used to do? Selling to both consumers (no tax ID) and businesses?

Any input would be appreciated!
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There are already stores selling those products. If you mean do we think there should be another one, it depends upon what else you'll be selling.



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double post
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It depends. What's going to make this new store different? is it going to offer the same or better products/prices/services than the business currently in existence?
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well, Sweet Celebrations went out of business, so that might be your answer right there.
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Sweeet Celebrations went OOB because they didn't sell online. I asked them to, many times. The most they put online was each page of their paper catalogue in pdf format.

Google for online businesses including the name "sugarcraft" there is one that is justabout the same as Maid Of Scandinavis in selection. Sorry Cake Central blocks their links so you have to search.

If you don't mind such a policy, you can also look at globalsugarcraft that IS affiliated with Cake Central.
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You must be competitive online. Make sure you check Amazon prices too.

People buy online by the first googe search result with the lowest price from a reputable vendor. Can you afford to rise to the top of a national search?
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Loved and sorely miss Sweet C..
a couple questions since I notice this is your first post..

Will it be storefront as well as online?
Will it be located in Minnesota, like Sweet C was?
Will it be carrying most every cake decorating item made like Sweet C?
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