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melted caramel MMF?

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I am hoping to make some apple flavored cupcakes, ( using Crystal Light Appletini mix to add apple flavor) then dip them into red fondant, and add a pretzel and leaf at the top. ( Saw a picture somewhere of one like that, and it was VERY cute! ) It would be so yummy if I could make caramel flavored fondant, too. I don't have time to order caramel flavor oil, so wonder how caramel would work. I don't know if caramel would be too sticky. Has anyone ever used caramel?

I was thinking to use the recipe I use for white chocolate MMF, and sub 12 ounces of melted caramels for the chocolate chips. Has anyone tried it? - Thanks for looking at my question.
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I'm quite interested to see if this will work, but wouldn't caramel baking melts (not sure what they're called, but they're near the chocolate) be better? Of course, I might just be misunderstanding what you mean by caramels.
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Thanks for sharing!!! I'll have to give it a go, it sounds absolutely scrumptious
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FYI there are Kraft "Caramel & Vanilla" marshmallows that are delicious!

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