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Agbay cake leveler or Not?

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So I am in the process of making my 14 year olds birthday cake...I have the Wilton ultimate folding cake leveler. Yeah, it doesn't level squat. So now I'm leveling by knife.

I am extremely nervous when it comes to cost. So here it goes, has anyone used the Agbay cake leveler? There's the junior and the regular large size. Please any comments are very much welcome as it will ultimately influence me in purchasing it or not. If you use something else to level cakes please let me know. I only wish to become a better cake baker/ decorater. Thanks!
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First, only you can decide the worth. I personally love it. I would have one even if I was a hobby baker. For the size, I prfer the large with the double blade.

But can you do this without an Agbay? Yes. All my life I used the toothpick/good bread knife method. It is essentially the exact same thing except you still will have to eyeball any small shaves on the top. But... a good bread knife the quality of the Agbay will set you back quite a bit too, about$100.00. The beauty of the Agbay is the quality of the cut.
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Where do you buy it from?
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I've always said, if the house was on fire and I could only take two cake decorating items, I would take my KitchenAid mixer and my AGBAY leveler. LOVE that thing. I don't have the double bladed one. I have the single blade with the extra blade I can put on in place of the main blade to cut styrofoam dummies with.
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Cakes are my hobby - my passion. I do not sell anything, so there is no "justification" for my purchases. It took me three years to decide to buy an Agbay, but I have no regrets. I use it on every cake I bake. My creations are prettier and much more stable now. I did buy the full-size double blade but could certainly have made the single blade work, and I would recommend the larger one rather than the smaller version. Nothing else works like an Agbay. Think of it as an essential tool that you'll use constantly with every style and trend that comes along. It is really worth the investment.
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I LOVE my Agbay!! I, too, am also a hobbyist and received mine as a birthday gift. One of my favorite gifts--next to my 7-quart mixer!
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I have the large double blade and the single blade Jr. and wouldn't trade ether of them for anything. I threw the wilton leveler in the trash a long time ago.
A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!
A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands!
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I have the large single blade (and am considering buying the second blade!). I love love love it. The inside of my cake is now as pretty as the outside, it is so easy to use. I do about 1 cake a week and this is by far my favorite tool!
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I have the large single blade and I really do love it. I think you can achieve a perfectly level cake without it if you take the time to measure and mark and cut carefully, but this does make it soooo much easier. You will use it for each and every cake that you do so that alone makes it a worthwhile purchase, at least for me anyway.
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As a hobby baker I found it hard to spend the money, but I hated the Wilton one...never cut straight! icon_cry.gif I decided that because I don't do a lot of cakes and the ones I do are generally no larger than a 12" I would go for the Agbay junior. So my DH bought it for me for Christmas and I love, love, love it!! icon_biggrin.gif

If you do decide to buy an Agbay, be very aware of how sharp it is! I knew it was sharp and still managed to knick my fingers twice with it...I've learned my lesson! icon_redface.gif

But as DeniseNH said, If the house was on fire I'd be grabbing my kitchenaid and my agbay! icon_lol.gif
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Agbay all the way, baby! I've got the large double blade and I cut my finger nearly every time but I still love, love, love it!

I can't give my old Wilton one away. Seriously- I've tried several times.
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This is the one tool that I miss more than anything! As soon as I can justify purchasing one for myself, I will have it!
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Cut corners on grocery shopping and put a little away each week or something similar. It is completely worth it.

You can view it online (check out the youtube videos by the company, too) but you have to call to order it. Great company and a great product!
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I have had my eye on this machine for a long long time. It wasn't until my husband watched me struggle with that (should I say it?......Wilton leveler) that he felt so bad for me and surprised me with a large Agbay and wished me a "Happy Christmas in July". Now my Wilton leveler will be in our next yard sale (cheap) lol. I totally recommend you save to get one, it will save you so much aggravation. I especially love that you can level a cake after you have stacked and filled so you know it is now level no matter what!!! icon_wink.gif
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Cindynes: I got so aggravated that for a year I made my husband level my cakes. I knew that he wouldn't see the need for the purchase unless he experienced it himself. Man, that Wilton one would occasionally cut on a slant! and it never, ever worked well. Anyway, after about a year he got together with our adult kids and they all got me one for Christmas. Woo hoo!

In the meantime, at least it wasn't me struggling to level a cake.
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