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Do you freeze?

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I just received an order for 24 dozen cupcakes next week. Normally I do not freeze cupcakes, I simply bake and decorate to order. However, this order has my wondering, would you start baking ahead of time and freeze them? If so, how do you do this ensure they still taste and look fresh?

Wilton graduate and proud cake business owner under FL Cottage Food Law. More cake photos here:
Wilton graduate and proud cake business owner under FL Cottage Food Law. More cake photos here:
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Cakes and cupcakes freeze great. Just bake your cuppies as usual, then freeze. For your amount of cuppies I would let them cool to room temp, place on a cookie sheet in the freezer and make your next batch. When the next batch is ready to go in the freezer, take your frozen cuppies and put in bags in the freezer. When ready to decorate, take your cuppies, put in the boxes you will deliver in and decorate while they are in the box. This works if doing a swirl. When I freeze my small number I just put them in a tupperware-type box and freeze. I am suggesting freezing them on a sheet first so they don't smoosh each other in bags.
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I freeze all my cakes and they come out more moist. I usually wrap my cakes 5-10 minutes after I take my cakes out of the oven while they are still warm. Then I take them out 8-10 hours before I decorate them and thaw them in the refrigerator. I don't know if it makes a difference if you thaw cakes/cupcakes in the fridge or on the counter. I just don't trust the humidity here in TX.
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i will make up my batter ahead of time and freeze the batter. Lightly defrost and the batter scoops out like ice cream into the cups. It adds a minute or two to the bake time and i find sometimes gives a really nice dome. Well, really nice if you are into domes on cuppies icon_biggrin.gif

i have had issue with wrappers separating in defrosting. I find that if i have everything ready: batter, frosting in bags, boxes assembled and ready, and any fondant toppers complete, then the baking and the frosting goes very quickly. but nothing is going to be particularly quick for 24 dozen!
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I don't freeze. When you actually calculate the time on 240 cupcakes, it isn't that much. It's a little more than three triple batches. You can do this at the last minute. Make your buttercreams the night before. When the cupcakes are room temp, put in boxes, frost, you're done.
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I always freeze my cupcakes, even when I have plenty of time. As the previous poster mentioned they get more moist.

If you decide to do that test your cupcakes before you do all 24 dozens, a lot of liners tend to peel off after freezing... Just a heads up.

Good luck thumbs_up.gif
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