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Cookie decorations

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Hello everyone! I came across these cookies via a google search, and I absolutely LOVE them! My question- do you think the design is made of fondant? It appears to be very thin and smooth, and so perfect which is why i'm unsure if it is royal frosting. Any ideas on what they are made out of and how i can recreate them!?

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I think the shirts are made with royal icing. If you look closely on the bottom you will see the "seam" where they probably made a dam to hold the icing within the border. The animals appear to be fondant though.

Have you worked with royal icing before? Some people do use fondant on top of cookies though so if you are more comfortable with that then it's fine.
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Yes, I do work with royal icing quite often, and i agree the overall frosting is royal icing, I was just curious on the animals...I think they are mainly fondant with a little bit of piped royal frosting detail. This brings me to my next question- I have not worked with fondant a whole lot... how well does it hold up with it being that thin?
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It's fine rolled that thin. I roll it super thin and cut it on my plotter.
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Yes... those animals are fondant because I have seen cutters like those that you can use for cookies, fondant, marzipan etc icon_smile.gif
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