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black licorice cake recipe?

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Does anyone know a recipe to flavor a cake or icing to taste like black licorice? I hate the flavor personally, but I had a customer ask.
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Yes, Absinthe. But if you don't plan to sell a lot of it, Absinthe is about $70 a bottle. I don't really like licorice either, but that cake is really good. Maybe you could get the customer to buy the bottle since they like the flavor. There is a blog post on my site and some explanation on the product listing on how I do it.
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Maybe I'm wrong but I thought Anise is what you would use, my moms husband really wants me to make him some black licorice cupcakes, (gag) so maybe if he's nice I'll give it a go, I cant imagine it would taste good though, I think he's been watching too much cupcake wars!
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I love black licorice. It's is a very Dutch thing. We eat tons of it in our nation and I am personal responsable for a great part of that. icon_smile.gif
But I don't know of any recipe that resembles the taste of it in something like cake or buttercream.
I cannot image it wil taste good..
We use it in a cough syrup.

Anise is a little bit alike, though not the same. Absint has this anise flavour.
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It is definitely a dutch thing. My family loves black licorice so I made some for halloween last year. I melted down the black licorice in a tiny bit of water and added to the cupcake batter. Haven't tried it in buttercream yet but I would think it would work just as well. It does change the texture of the cupcake slightly but my family loves them.
There's always an occasion for cake.
There's always an occasion for cake.
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I would use star anise!
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Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!
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I used to work at an ice cream bar where there was black licorice ice cream to scoop. That stuff has a different flavour than anise.

LorAnn sells "black licorice candy flavour" and it comes in 1 dram bottles should you want to do a tasting. This stuff is good for both cake and icing and it takes only a few drops.
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