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Thanks to the others for advice. Hopefully the network of bakers in my area will get over their petty differences and be reliable enough in the future to be trusted in times like this. Sadly today they are rude, back stabbing and untrusting - but that's a whole different thread topic.

This can be a problem...I have a bunch of people I could call in an emergency, but there are others who would just as soon tell me to go pound sand then tell everyone in town how I failed to deliver the order. Interestingly, it's the home-based bakers who would be helpful, as I think about it, and the storefronts who would tell me to get lost.

There has to be at least one person you can pair up with for situations like that. I bet if you looked at who you have to chosoe from you can find someone whos' nto a jerk. Maybe not, though! icon_rolleyes.gif