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How do I keep fondant from cracking on the top of cake ?

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I know this has been asked a million times but I've not yet been able to find an answer.....

Every fondant cake I make cracks along the edge(both round cakes and square cakes)... sometimes not very noticeably and other times I have to start over. I have never felt that the fondant is dry, and I do use Crisco while kneading.

It cracks immediately as soon as I lay the fondant on top of the buttercream.
Thoughts that come to mind... is it too thin, is it too thick, is the buttercream too soft (never tried with crusted buttercream).

I use a store bought fondant and all brands that I've tried have cracked.

I am at my whits end and hope that someone has had the same problem and now doesn't and can help me find a solution. When I watch videos I don't see anything that I'm doing differently..... Help please !
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I have a few questions for you...

What brand of fondant do you use?
When you cover your cake with the fondant, do you pull the fondant?
How long does it take you from the time you roll out the fondant to transferring it to your cake?
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Thanks, I use a brand called FunCakes. I live in Holland and this is one of the most popular brands at the moment (and one of the only brands).

First I frost with a layer of buttercream. Then I knead the fondant (using some Crisco, not a lot though) for about 5 minutes. In the past I've also put the fondant in the microwave for a few seconds to soften but today I didn't. I lightly sprinkle cornstarch on the counter and roll the size I need. That takes another 5 minutes I guess... and then I gently pick it up with my hands and arms under the fondant and lay it on top of the cake. With my hands I lightly rub across the top and a little bit on the sides hoping to connect the fondant to the buttercream. I do this maybe a couple of times and at this point the fondant already has cracks.

The fondant that I roll out is sometimes thin and sometimes thicker, trying to make a difference but so far everything still cracks.
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Causes of cracking: unbalanced formula, insufficient kneading, cornstarch, and drying out before finishing ..

Satin Ice, Pettinice, and RegalIce appear to be available as well as FunCakes. Consider trying another brand.
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Thanks, I'll check out another brand... and I think I might just take a class in working with fondant and possibly I'll see what I'm doing wrong.

I know I don't leave it sitting long enough to dry out but I might be using too much cornstarch. And I wonder if my buttercream should be a bit stiffer.

Thanks for the link.
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I love working with fondant. Try a silicone mat. No need for cornstarch and before kneading, put crisco onto your gloved hands. Also, try making your own it will help you to determine what is a good texture.
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