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Actually it has nothing to do with whether I believe in my product or not. It has everything to do with being competitive in my market. I don't want to lose business to other home based bakers in my area who are not putting that info on their websites. I can't find one in my city that discloses that info. But, maybe I will. Because I do believe in my product, and I am not ashamed that I do not have a storefront. Just trying to make a good business decision.
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Again, those other bakers can't keep it hidden forever and then deception by omission becomes a lie.

it doesn't matter what other people are doing. It matters what you do and how you want to portray your business. My guess is that like many areas, it is to be posted on the site by law, so there is no debate or decision.

I'm not really addressing one poster, but this has come up many times and I post the same thing. From experience, I have tried to sell something I wasn't sold on and it won't work. But every person who has the opportunity to operate under CFL should inform and educate their customers and be excited about the opportunity. I have many times expressed my opinion on the negative economic impact caused by CFL, and because of that, I am definitely not a fan. But I respect the law and I respect those who do business in these areas.

CFL is a throwback to the way food business was done years ago. It is sentimental, homey, and a "feel good" way to do business in these states. It encourages the small operator to offer goods that attract tourists and higher income people to buy local, homemade and handmade goods. This is the "Norman Rockwell" picture I would be painting if I had a CFL business. But so many people are skittish about the concept and how the public sees it. My opinion is that the public sees exactly what you portray. The CFL proprietor is in full control of how CFL is perceived to the public.
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