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Outdoor Wedding in August Cupcakes

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I'm making 175 cupcakes (several different flavors) for an outdoor wedding in Virginia, the 25th of August (ceremony at 6 pm). I'm concerned about the icing breaking up or just sliding right off the cupcakes. A chef suggested to me that I add a stabilizer to the icing.
Does anyone know if this might help? The plan is to bring the cupcakes out after the meal has been served, but I'm still concerned. I'm also making mini lemon meringue pies - I hope the meringues last!
Any help you give me is GREATLY appreciated!
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Hi! I'm in VA as well so I understand your concern! What icing were you planning on using? I used Sugarshacks on a wedding cake that sat outside from 4:30 pm on, in 85 degree heat and it didn't budge. (It was under a tent with open sides). HTH icon_smile.gif
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anytime I need icing to be a little stiffer I add some gum tex. Sorry I can not give you an exact measurement, but I usually make 2lbs PS , 1 cup butter, 1 cup shortening, 4TBSP milk and then add a pretty good dash of gum tex (about a palm full). I do this when I want a really tall crisp finish to the icing on my cupcakes or if I am adding touches like grass or fur to cakes and want a stiffer icing. I have never noticed it to change the flavor. But you can not let the icing sit around or it will harden in the bag not rock hard but it will be a pain to pipe!
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Great to know about Sugarshack's icing- that's the one I use most of the time and I also have an outdoor wedding in August, but in California.

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