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carving a camaro cake help

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I was asked to make a cake shaped like a camaro. I'm not good at carving, but found this cake and I think I could handle this. My question is, would I be able to do this cake without using fondant, and how? Would it be difficult? Thanks
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I'm actually in the middle of making a Shelby Mustang right now. Mine is fondant, but your could do buttercream, it would have to be a bit less detailed though.

Only have a second, but as far as carving, the best way is to go to and use a sketch from that site to enlarge in a document. Then print on card stock (for both passenger and driver side) then carve with a good steak knife. I know there is tons more info on this site if you do a forum search.

Plan for it to take A LONG time to do. Doing one now, makes me wish I'd charged more.
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I did a tutorial for a car cake a while ago...You'd just use the same steps but an outline of a camaro, like FullHouse suggests.
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I forgot to include the picture of the cake. Here is it:
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That's just a flat sheet, so you should be able to do that. Just shape the cake so that when you put the fondant on it it will take on the contour of the car doors etc.
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Thank You. I didn't think it would be too hard, but I've never covered a cake with fondant. How hard would this be? Any tips? icon_biggrin.gif
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Make sure the icing underneath it isn't too thick, and make sure it's not rough, smooth it out to be the shape that you want it to be when it's covered. Refrigerate the cake until its firm, then cover it with the fondant and smooth it out. It shouldn't be too difficult because it's only one layer. The taller cakes are the ones that are hard to cover.
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