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need advice on how to cover board

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HI, I have a wooden round board to use for my smaller round cake. I want to place white freezer paper just on the top and then wrap ribbon around the edges.
My question is I can't seem to get the tape to stick very well to the board and my paper keeps coming undone. Any suggestions on how to get it to say flat and not come undone?

thanks for any help icon_smile.gif
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What I would do is go get some sticky-backed shelf paper - can get this at your local large chain store, wrap it around the board and pleat it as best you can on the back then secure with shipping tape. Now you have something the ribbon can stick to. Take double sided tape and put it all the way around the side of the board and affix your ribbon. You can try double sided tape placed directly to the cake board but I really don't think it will stick. If you can't get to the store to get shelf paper then use your freezer paper but wrap it around to the back of the board and secure with shipping tape. Then do the double sided tape under ribbon thing.
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have you considered using fondant? is sure looks nice and you can attach the ribbon over it with glue stick.
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I have considered fondant, but I really don't have that much to spare and didn't figure it in to the cost.So I would have to make more. I've used freezer wrap and wrapped and pleated but don't do a very good job on pleating.
can I use sticky on on side shelf liner and cover the entire board? Or the clear contact paper ? Then put on the circle of freezer wrap just on the top and it would give it something to stick to. Is shelf liner ok to leave on the board after , wipe off and then reuse as is just covering it with new freezer wrap each time. Of course My cakes will also be on their own cake board.
thank you
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contact paper will probably work great... I have seen a great tutorial on that shows you how to cover a cake board.. good luck thumbs_up.gif
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