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When you watch top chefs on TV, you will find NM every time. I pay attention to these details, even when they turn the bottle around. I also look at trends in equipment and in liqueurs.

Everything I have ever smelled or tasted with LorAnn tastes and smells artificial even when it says natural, just like McCormick.

There is an issue in the food industry with the word "natural". Some industries, like orange juice, have come under fire. Natural ingredients are not the same as pure. If a chemically created ingredient started out as natural, it can be labeled as a natural flavoring, when in fact, the ingredients had nothing to do with the product. We find this in most processed grocery store items. And pure products can refer to the 'Pure" as one ingredient, not all.

So just because something states natural, it does not mean it is real and this is condoned by the FDA for now. But little by little, these ingredients are being exposed.

I use NM VBP along with my own extract. If the extract is not a premium or gourmet brand, chances of odd natural ingredients being present are likely.

Also, in cheaper vanillas, cheaper beans are used, accounting for the large disparity in pure vanilla tastes.

I do use LorAnn oils for their original purpose, stained glass candy, for my national museum work. They were a popular ingredient for homemade candy earlier in the last century, making a place historically in the candy market. But I think LorAnn wanted to expand this product and marketed it for baked goods too. This is where I think it doesn't fit and tastes artificial.

As a scratch baker, I am aware that adding an oil instead of the group of ingredients that actually make up the flavor, will always result in a processed flavor, as that is what it is. LorAnn products, to me, all have that processed taste.
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Originally Posted by pmarks0

I only use the Nielsen Massey vanilla extract and VBP.

Pearl, I'm not sure where you're located, but I was surprised at the price you paid. I'm thinking perhaps you're in the UK which could explain the price. I can buy a 4oz bottle of Nielsen Massey VBO for $11.95CAD.

But I buy both my extract and paste in 32oz/944ml bottles for $39.95CAD,

Yeah we have higher prices here due to double shipping - Shipping from the U.S store to Miami skyboxes then another shipping fee from Miami to the Caribbean + customs and duties fees so we tend to pay twice the price for shipped in goods.

I just found a store selling NM Vanilla extract for $21US for the 4oz bottle which is really expensive but I will give it a go and see. Lorann's VBP smells way too artificial to me. I have been advised to make my own vanilla extract but I guess I like the convenience of buying it ready-made.
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