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Falling Chocolate Cupcakes

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Hello, Recipe Gurus!

My daughter and I are trying to create a new recipe using the Hershey's chocolate cake recipe as a basis. The flavor we have come up with is a winner, but the cake is sticking to the baking cups and making them hard to eat as cupcakes. javascript:emoticon('icon_cry.gif')

Any one of you super smart baker types have a suggestion as to why cakes tend to fall? Should I be making a stiffer batter (seems like choc cakes are usually really thin with the original recipe) by using less liquid?

The cupcakes have a very airy crumb and looked good in the oven before falling in the centers. Maybe I need to try a higher or lower temp? (we are using 350* currently)
Maybe skip the baking cups alltogether and just go with parchment?

I'd surely appreciate your opinions on the matter! icon_cry.gif
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How long might you be baking them for?

If they are rising and then falling when you take them out of the oven - perhaps a little longer cooking time is required.
Not knowing the recipe - its a tad hard to gauge.

I doubt the baking cups are causing the fall...

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Thanks for the reply, Bluehue!  We'll work on a longer cooking time next time around.

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While I love this recipe from Hershey, I have the same problem with cupcake wrappers when I use it for cupcakes.  The cupcakes fall almost every time. I'd be curious to know the answer, as well.

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I love the Hershey recipe for their chocolate cake but I have never tried making them into cupcakes. Let us know if cooking them longer solves the problem and for how long you cook them.

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Well, our recipe turned out quite tasty, but we never did get a properly crowned cupcake.  With baking times altered and using both parchment and cupcake wrapper, the cupcakes were always very flat.  I used this as a positive, however, and just decided it made a perfect platform for really good icing!


Y'all let me know if you find anything different with your Hershey's recipe success!  

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