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Looking for Buttercream Recipe

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I am looking for a buttercream recipe that I can use as my standard buttercream. I have tried many recipes but can't find THE one. Please share your recipes and ideas with me, I would really appreciate it, thanks!
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Hi try wilton recipe. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for your input but I already tried wiltons, edna from YouTube, Winbeckler, Indebys, and the extra special with whipping cream and I did not like any of them. I am looking for something that t creamy, not too sweet, that can stay out at room temperature, and that it does not taste nor feel greasy.
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I love "Sugarshack's Buttercream".
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thanks newnacy, I'll try that recipe next, does it make a difference if you use Hi ratio Shortening or just regular crisco?
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this is a very YUMMMMMY oneicon_smile.gif
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The best buttercream I've ever tasted is the one on Jessicakes' blog (CC member mrsmudrash)...

Scroll down to "What buttercream do you use?"
It's the second one with the marshmallow cream in it.

I just made it recently and used vanilla bean paste for the first time (2Tb + 1tsp), and also 1/2 tsp. salt.
Good Lord...great stuff!

(I haven't tried the cream cheese version yet)
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I've never tried it without the Hi Ratio shortening, maybe somebody else can answer that question, I'd also like to know.
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I can't tell you if there's a difference between using Crisco you'd buy off the the shelf (w/o trans fat) and using hi-ratio shortening, as I usually use SMBC or 10x buttercream with all butter. But I can tell you how it affected my whoopie pie fillings.

When I made my filling with Crisco, before the trans fat was removed, my filling had a great taste and feel. When I made the same recipe using Crisco w/o trans fats, it was horrible! The filling still whipped up nice and light, but what a difference in taste and feel! Tasted like gak and felt like I ate a cup of shortening. The film that was left on my tongue and top of my pallette was nasty.

So I switched over to hi-ratio shortening. The filling is all good again. The down side of this is that I can't buy hi-ratio shortening locally and have to get it shipped in.
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