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HELPD! Problems with MMF!

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I have tried several times now making cc True Black MMF with issues. Although it tastes great, there is absolutely NO stretch to it. It only tears. It seems to need more powdered sugar as it is too soft, but using more doesn't help. It is usually okay for small decoration pieces but nothing very large. What am I doing wrong???

Thanks for any help!
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I personally would buy black fondant . Some people add little glycerin to this m/m fondant. I make from scratch fondant, but i would never make black. hth
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Black MMF works best if starting with a chocolate fondant and then adding black gel.
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Whenever you add a lot of color to MMF it looses it's elasticity. I always add a teaspoon or so of corn syrup to help. Glycerin is another option but the corn syrup is always handy in my home.

An easy way to get dark colors such as black and red is to add the colored candy melts or chocolate to the melted marshmallows (it's on my blog link below). You can also add the coloring the the melted marshmallows before adding any PS to it - easier and not much kneading needed. HTH.
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