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Yellow cake

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I wasted 4 different cake recipes and multiple hours yesterday working on yellow cake...I have tried both scratch recipes and doctored and cannot seem to find a recipe that I like.....any suggestions?
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Hi, so many on this site are now trying this a love it. I do love her advice on this site. I have her recipe, but have not tried it..will soon. So read this and see what you think. You can also google yellow(or butter) cakes recipes on cake central and get many recipes to try. That is what i usually do. hth
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I've made FromScratchSF's white cake recipe and it's terrific. I personally prefer it with just the eggs whites but others love with the egg yolks, or whole eggs. I've made a yellow cake from that I quite liked. My work system is blocking the site for some stupid reason so I can't post the link, but it's called David's Yellow Cake.
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