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Cakes. Fillings

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any ideas on some great tasting cakes and fillings that are moist. And possibly infused syrups in cakes??
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Do a search for the "Help! Gourmet flavors" thread and you will be reading for hours. You don't say if you bake from scratch or not. These recipes are doctored WASC, but she (MacsMom) has great flavor combs, and her fillings are good. I just kept googling and researching until I found scratch recipes that matched her WASC flavors. It's a lot of work, but worth it> I don't turn my nose up at doctored WASC. I think it's good too.
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I agree with all4show.I have done exactly as she has.
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Thank you. And I do only bake by scratch!!
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I only bake from scratch and totally agree with others who say that freezing your cakes right after baking keeps them totally moist. I've found this works equally great for yellow and chocolate cakes. Just keep the wrapping on the cakes until they are totally defrosted before unwrapping - this keeps out the condensation. I've been using a thin layer of fruit filling along with buttercream inside my cakes and I think this also helps them to stay moist.
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