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Originally Posted by Danielle1218

To Apti.............that really doesn't make me feel better.

Me either, Danielle. I was just trying to put a good face on the inevitable.
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I doubt greed was the factor here...input costs have been rising significantly (energy, health care, raw materials) and if a business does not factor those increases into the price of their products (and pay attention to what competitors are doing so they don't fall behind) they will no longer be in business. You should be doing the same thing if you run a baking business.

As for being forced to modify recipes, this is again a cost of doing business (or the cost of a hobby) if you rely on someone else's product as an input, especially if said input is farther along the supply chain than raw materials. We deal with this in the IT world all the time, every time Microsoft patches components of their operating system we have to retest all business applications that rely on their software.
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This really sucks. I just noticed all my recent ones I bought are still 18.25 oz, but I'm sure soon I will see the smaller ones.

The problems is that one brand decided to make theirs smaller and all the other ones did too so that they could keep up with the competition price wise.

They really don't care about any one or group of bakers. They mainly sell to the occasional baker who makes a cake every few months that won't notice a big difference in a 2 layer 8 inch cake.

I assume they had to reformulate it a bit because you would still need to use 3 eggs, and probably the same amount of oil or butter.
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I am so sad to hear this! Pillsbury is my go to mix! Does anybody know if they screwed up the bulk mix? I was thinking about looking into that before, but was afraid that there would be a difference in the taste, etc. Now, it will not matter if I tried it because it's going to be a mess anyway! I'll have to redo the "tastings" for the 4 brides I have scheduled for next year because it will not be the same. icon_sad.gif Bummed.
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Pardon my negativity..........but it is bullshit........plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, do , as i have done since all this change. Make all cakes from scratch. I am having a ball trying different recipes. If we all do this, then, maybe they will wake up and go back to the old way. That was my thinking. lol!!
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I went to the store yesterday and found some other things to try too. It's just that I don't have much free time to play and don't want to try out something new on someone I don't know. I also don't want all of that cake around here. Sounds bad doesn't it? All I have to do is look at the stuff and I gain weight! Now I'll have to taste test again. Ugh! icon_sad.gif
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Another thing that sucks is that I could get about 20 cupcakes from the old size and when I run into these smaller boxes it will yield a few less.
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We all keep talking about cake mixes....BUT........ who has noticed that we no longer (for some time now) get a 1/2 gallon of ice cream... It's now a pint and a 1/2 icon_sad.gif
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Originally Posted by kakeladi

We all keep talking about cake mixes....BUT........ who has noticed that we no longer (for some time now) get a 1/2 gallon of ice cream... It's now a pint and a 1/2 icon_sad.gif

Not true in Texas - Blue Bell ice cream is still 1/2 gallon icon_smile.gif
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Costco's Kirkland ice cream is also still a half gallon. I still prefer Thrifty's (from Rite-Aid) even though it's 1.75qt.
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I found on two recipies for homemade white and yellow cake mix(substitute for 18.25 oz Betty Crocker cake mix). Lets try this and see if it works in place of the box mixes. If it does then we send a message this is not ok to Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines. I don't think they realize what percentage of their sales are related to people like us who use the mixes as the base for our recipies. Maybe we need to send the message to their bottom line. Not to mention the change to the formula but have you noticed the huge price increases?
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I haven't tried adding 3oz of mix to see if it works yet, but will do so. My concern is the oil, eggs, and water is exactly the same as it was for the bigger box so I suspect this won't work. I am so disappointed in this change.
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Ugh. I saw the new smaller box today where I shop. I just finished making rainbow cupcakes and a large old box only made 17. So this new smaller one will make only 13 or so which really sucks.
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That explains why the last few times I've used mix they were sub-par and sank, even the cupcakes sank. I live in an apartment so I no longer have the room to store an abundance of dry ingredients, so for smaller batches the boxes are convenient.
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