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HELP please! Orange Mousse Filling?!

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Hi all!

My bride is switching stuff up on me last minute and I need an orange mousse filling recipe that's stable enough for a wedding cake. We had planned on doing a strawberry layer, but she found out one of the groom's niece's is VERY allergic and now they are requesting orange instead. Does anyone have a recipe they have tried and successfully used that they are willing to share? The wedding is Saturday and I plan on filling the cakes tonight :/ I'll take a curd recipe if someone has one that is delish! I've never been down to the wire like this and I'm nervous now about finding something that is going to be good, I ALWAYS test everything well before an event...

BTW, much love to all of you! As a newbie I've spent the last year looking thru the forums and recipes and ya'll have a way of inspiring me and guiding me thru every cake I make icon_smile.gif

Thanks in advance!!
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You are best off making a white chocolate ganache for the filling. For the liquid, use half whipping cream and half orange liqueur and add a little unsalted butter.
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Making orange curd and then make smbc or imbc and it to the b/c at the end. so delicious and stable
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I would take two cups whipping cream or Bettercreme, one small box of instant vanilla pudding and orange extract. Whip until peaks form. This is how I make most of my fillings (chocolate, vanilla, white chocolate, strawberry, cheesecake and banana cream). This has been my most stable and most requested cake filling and it's so easy to make.
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