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please help buttercream novice!!

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I am decorating cupcakes for my daughters birthday on Sunday and had few questions that I really hope somebody can answer?!

Can the decorated cupcakes be left out of fridge overnight? Buttercream is made with fresh cream and shortening. It is about 15 degrees at most at night - sorry don't know fahrenheit equivalent.

Can I put black red fondant accents on the day before or could these bleed into buttercream or go soft again from the fat in the buttercream?

And one more...
Why do my cupcakes sometimes "shed" their cases??

Sorry so many questions!! icon_confused.gif
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1. I make my buttercream with ultra-pasteurized cream and I leave them out and haven't had any problems. Of course, they're eaten within a day or twoicon_smile.gif I will refrigerate if it's too hot though.

2. I put my fondant accents on prior to customer picking up order. I've had my accents get to soft and look "melted" when I put them on to far ahead of time. I now use a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste mix or will put a little tylose in my fondant when making decorations. Holds shape better and dries quicker/harder.

3. I just read something the other day about cupcakes sometimes coming loose due to moisture (fat) content of CC, certain cupcake liners were more prone to this, and keeping cupcakes cooling in pan too long once baked as a reason for this.

Hope this helps birthday.gif
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Thank you so much for your very prompt and detailed advice xx Very helpful icon_smile.gif
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This is a late reply - but I wanted to add a suggestion maybe for future baking.... I make buttercream icing all the time and I don't use milk. Here is my recipe if you would like to try it - everyone raves over it.
1 stick unsalted butter & 1/2 c. crisco - Mix - slowly add 4 cups confec. sugar and 1/4 c. water - 1 tsp vanilla.... then my secret ingredient - 1 can of Duncan Hines Vanilla / Buttercream or Cream Cheese icing. Mix 5 min. Awesome. I do this because you should never refridgerate cakes or cc's - they dry out. My cc's normally stay fresh up to a week in plastic containers.
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