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Lactose free ganache???

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I am hoping someone may have a recipe for lactose free ganache. I am able to find chocolate without milk, 70% cocoa. However, the heavy cream that is used for ganache is not lactose free. I do have lactose free milk. Would it work to use milk, in lieu of cream, in a smaller ratio than the usual 2:1?

Thank you for any suggestions,
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Is clarified butter lactose-free enough for your need?

Because you can use clarified butter and any liquid like juice, alcohol, tea, lactose-free milk, you name it. 1 volume of clarified butter and 2 volumes of liquid to approximate the heavy cream.
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When my son was a baby and had a milk intolerance I discovered that I could make a ganache using almond milk. It was a few years ago now so I don't remember the ratios exactly but I think it was close to 2:1 and it would stay spreadable but not runny- kind of like peanut butter...
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I use vanilla soy milk, but replace some of the milk with Earth Balance margarine. It works beautifully. I use it on my most expensive home style cake (GF German Chocolate Cake on my site). If you need ratios, let me know in a PM. I will look it up.
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I've never tried it but would coconut cream work?
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ThreeLittleBlackBirds has a post in this thread about making it with coconut milk.
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Thank you all so much for your suggestions!
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