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rainbow cake, help!

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Hi everyone icon_smile.gif

My daughters birthday is on thursday, i wanted tosurprise her with a very colorful cake. She loves rainbow btw. After seraching the web, ive come across 2 kinds of rainbowcake. From scracth and boxed one, which one tastes better? And i also read that it is hard to make. Can somebody pls share their tips in making my daughters cake a pleasureable one icon_smile.gif

Thanks in advance icon_smile.gif
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And if you would like to share your tried and tested recipe, i will really appreciate it icon_smile.gif
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It's OK to use a white cake mix from a box. You have to make sure you use only egg whites for the blue and purple batter. So you need 2 cake mixes. Easiest to bake 6 thin layers because then colours are nice and separate. OK to use foil pans.

Mix one box with only 4 egg whites plus oil water as on box. Divide into 3 and add blue, purple, green colours. I use Americolor brand gel colour because bottles are small and cheap.

Mix other box with 1 whole egg and yolks left from #1, oil and water as on box, divide into 3 and add red, orange and yellow food colour.

Stack with white icing of your choice.
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My friend made this one for her daughter. So delicious.!! I saved the recipe, but haven,t make it myself. Making it from scratch would taste so much better than box. hth Also, look how vibrant the colors are. So beautiful
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Check out my photos...of a rainbow cake. I would use the WASC with AMericolor dye
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Thank you so much ladies... You save my time in browsing the net icon_smile.gif will post result soon icon_smile.gif
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You can use any white/vanilla cake recipe. I made one, and it was actually a snickerdoodle (cinnamon) cake recipe, because it was for my niece's birthday and her mother wanted that flavour. I just used a little less cinnamon than the recipe called for and while the colors weren't quite as vibrant as other rainbow cakes, it still came out looking great!
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PinkLotus, your layers are beautiful!!!
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Thank you!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Thank you everyone icon_smile.gif

My daughter loved it icon_smile.gif i didnt realied that it was so easy to make just got to have lots of pan if you hate wash and use right after using them..

Heres the pics icon_smile.gif
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It looked great!! icon_smile.gif
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