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What are the hours like for a decorator working in a bakery?

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I'm starting to apply at local bakeries and I was wondering what the hours are like for decorators. I know most bakeries open at 6AM or earlier and are open until 6-7ish. Just trying to get an idea of what kind of hours I would be looking at. Obviously it's going to vary but if you work at a bakery what are your hours?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm currently enrolled in a Baking and Pastry Arts program and some of my friends have recently gotten part-time jobs in bakeries. My one friend has to be there at 3:30 am to start making the breads for the day (this is an independent bakery). My other friend, has to start at 5 am and usually works until 1 pm. or she might work the afternoon/evening shift which ends at 7 pm. She works at a large grocery chain and they don't start quite as early as the other bakery.
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I have worked for 3 different bakeries. The latest I have ever gone in as a decorator was 7am. Normally it is between 5am and 6am. On the weekends it could be as early as 3am, depending on the amount of orders to be done for the day. HTH
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I also meant to tell you that in a larger bakery, such as a grocery store you will mostly be expected to pull all out of date "cake side" items and to refill the cases before you start decorating. Depending on the size of the store this can take an hour or so. Just wanted to let you know exactly what to expect depending on where you work. In the small privately owned bakery I worked in the people who handled the customers in the front, handed this part of the day.
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I work in a baked daily bakery and depending on orders I go in anywhere between 2am and 630am and I am usually there until 11am or 1pm.
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I work as a decorator in a bakery. Most days I go in at 5am and leave around 1. On weekends, I'll have to stay later, depending upon the volume of work. Occasionally I go in at 4am if there is a wedding cake due in the morning or something.
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In my shop, my assistant works 8am-4pm most days
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I work in an independant family run bakery and I start at 5am and finish between 11am and 1pm depending on how many orders need to be finished and what production work needs doing. Sometimes for holidays i will start at 3:30-4am and can stay later than 1pm if needed. For example for this past Canada Day holiday I began at 5am and stayed until 4:30pm due to the volume of orders to be filled, I worked on my showcase, french pastries and some deli prep until 8 am then decorated nonstop to 4:30 pm, (i think i filled 32 orders in that time frame), lots of 1/2 and full slab cakes to be done, it was a lonnnng day!!
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I work for a family run bakery. I work only three days a week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday (we are closed sunday). And I work typically from 6:30 to 4 everyday. Sometimes later on saturdays.
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Some of my girls work 7:30am to 3:30pm, some work 10AM to 6 PM, and some work 5PM to 1 AM. You will just have to see what that particular place does and what the openings are.
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Every employer and job will be different so I am just popping in to share war stores with the rest. When I worked as a pastry chef / decorator, I had to come in at 4am and couldn't leave until my daily list was done, which would sometimes be as late as 6pm. And I was on salary icon_sad.gif !
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