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I make her recipe all the time. I love it! One of these days, though, I need to order the wedding bouquet and try it. I normally use vanilla/butter, sometimes a bit of almond, sometimes a bit of cream bouquet.

I remember the first time I made it, I used all cream bouquet, thinking it was the same thing as wedding bouquet. It was really good, but it tasted just like a dreamsicle. Not the flavor I was going for. But I colored it orange, piped it on some vanilla cupcakes, and called them dreamsicle cupcakes. Everyone loved them.

I have creme bouquet and wedding bouquet and I'm sad to say I didn't like the creme bouquet. It was by Magicline who has received great reviews but it was too citrusy for me. Now wedding bouquet is just simply delicious. I bought mine straight from the source but I think Global Sugar Art sells it at the same price and they are her bottles. I don't know who it is better to buy from but the bakery that makes this stuff has such great and nice people that I just bought mine from them directly.

But if I ever want to make a dreamsicle cupcake I'll remember this icon_smile.gif