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I need some advice on a cake please!!

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I am making a Playstation 3 cake and matching controller, I am having a hard time with the comtroller the cake doesnt sit right to keep the shape of the controller, any ideas how I can make a playstation 3 controller?? I am in the process of trying rice cripsy treats but I always have problems shaping rice crispys :S
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First of all, don't over think it. If you google edible playstation 3 controllers you will see tons of them. The design is rather basic and can be RKT if you want to make it well in advance, or a very dense cake if you want to be able to eat it.
I found this picture that may help. The devil is in the details with the add ons to the controller. The knobs and buttons are the job that brings it to life.
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The cake is being collected next wednesday, I was kind of having a trial run with it, think I might keep trying with the RKT (looking at me using the lingo lol icon_smile.gif I have until tuesday to get it right lol.
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RKT works fine. Lay out your design (draw it out like a pattern). Compress your RKT so its as hard and smooth as possible.
If you don't get the shape with your hands, then you can use a sharp knife and carve it. RKT sets up rather nicely when it sits out a while.
Leave time for the sculpted controller to be smoothed over with royal icing or buttercream. Remember, fondant does not hide bumps. Whatever bumps are in your RKT controller will show through your fondant.
Sometimes I need a really smooth finish. In that case I cover in candy melts and smooth to perfection with a hot knife. But chocolate underlay is harder for fondant to stick to. So in those cases I encase in fondant, making the chocolate covered item a bit warm before I apply the fondant. My prefered cover is Buttercream or Royal, as they can be moistened to allow the fondant to adhere.
Good luck
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So when do you think its best to start making my controller out of the treats if the cake will need to be finish by 10am Wednesday, I think I will pour chocolate over it or maybe some sort of icing, I once tried to cover the Rice treats with fondant and it looked horrible, going to have a go this weekend as well.
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