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No tylose to add to fondant - ???

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I just finished the figure. Not up to your standards, but I'm pleased - and she actually kinda looks like the grad!

Tomorrow I will start the flowers. I picked up some graduated cutters to make simple 6-7 lobed flowers that I'll curl a bit - will probably layer them too. But my question here is, do I just use the mmf or should I be adding something to it? I thought I had tylose, but I must not. I looked at hobby lobby and joanns tonight, but no one had it. I do have some gumpaste powder - should I make some up and mix for the flowers? Or just make with the mmf?
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Go back to your local hobby shop and buy fondant. Look at the ingredients: the package should list tylose/CMC as a trace ingredient along with karaya or tragacanth.

The Wilton gumpaste mix does NOT have any of these.

The Wilton Karaya Gum-Tex will work as well as tylose.

MMF is the same as the Wilton gumpaste mix: the gelatine is the only gummy ingredient. This is the hardest stuff I know to make decent flowers from.
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Seriously - I shouldn't try to use mmf? I just bought some more marshmallows last night and was going to make up a big batch after I checked in here.... So I should really go buy some... like duff's maybe? I'd like it to taste good....
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I haven't seen the ingredients list on Duffs (it isn't posted online and they don't sell that brand here).

You said you want to make flowers NOT cover a cake. The gum ingredients are NECESSARY for flowers--the good taste is not.

All you need is one pound of fondant with some or all of tylose, karaya, tragacanth on the ingredients list. Any brand.
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Ok, Our local joanns has nothing for selection - I'll have to run up to the next town. Hope Michaels is open today!!
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