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The Mat....anyone?

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So I am looking for another sturdy mat....and by chance happened upon the site called I found "The Mat" and the reviews seem exceptional...has anyone by chance used this mat?
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I have. I used it once. I don't use it anymore. I can roll fondant out faster by myself.
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I wouldn't be without mine now, it is a godsend to me - I find it so much easier to roll out and transfer the fondant onto the cake using "The Mat".
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Hi ive recently bought it and love it. Pros of using it over not, no airbubbles, u can roll thinner, easy to pick up with mat onto cake. Also i use bakels. Mat keeps it moist. No elephant skin. So you dont have yo rush rolling it before it dries.
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Absolutely love it, I only use it under the fondant, never needed the top one, fondant doesn't stick to rolling pin!
So easy to lift and transfer to a cake, and being clear makes it easier to see what you are covering!
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i have only used mine twice, i think my fondant may be to sticky, as it keeps sticking to the mat, i always make my own fondant/sugarpaste, and am going to try with not so much liquid glucose, but any other tips would be appreciated icon_smile.gif
Maggie x
Maggie x
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Try spraying the mat with a very light spray of oil for the first few times to 'coat it'
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It is a very good product and the company is awesome. I live near the store and the staff is very helpful. Kathy, the owner, is wonderful. Go to YouTube and look up their videos on using The Mat.

I have 2 of them. I cut one into smaller pieces to use with gumpaste and use those more than the large one. I also had the problem of my homemade fondant being a little to moist for The Mat. I ended up with "pock marks" and had trouble getting a really smooth look when using it. Tweaking my recipe will probably help. Her video about fixing problems that people have had using The Mat is helpful as well.

I do still use it to cover my fondant when I don't want to apply it to my cake immediately and it keeps it from drying out.

I am considering buying the new one that has the size markings on it.

It takes some practice, but I don't think you will be disappointed if you buy it. It is completely food safe. If the one with the markings is not available yet, wait for it to come out. It will be worth it.
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I am thankful for the reviews i have read in this thread - as i have been contemplating buying one... thought it might be a good tool to have... especially when rolling out fondant for 10 inch and above cakes...

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I'll add my tuppence ha'penny worth, I have it and hate it. I've had nothing but trouble with mine and regret falling for the hype especially as I have to pay extra for shipping to Europe. I'd throw it out but for the fact that it cost so much (although I do realize that there is no point keeping it as it sits in the corner of my guest room collecting dust). I guess I'll take the leap one day and throw it but until then....... back to the dusting!
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I absolutely love mine and use it all the time! It took a few uses before I felt it was "pliable". I make my own MMF (Rhonda's recipe) and it comes out beautifully. I will sometimes take the top layer off and finish rolling out the fondant and then put it back on so the fondant doesn't dry.
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Oh I love my mat... it's so much easier to roll out the fondant, easy to clean, and store...

my fondant is so much easier to work with now!
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I love mine! It is perfect for applying fondant and keeping the fondant from air until you are ready to appy it!
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I have had mine for over a year now and absolutely love it. For anyone having problems my guess is that it's not "seasoned". Apply shortening, wipe off excess and happily proceed.
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It took some getting used to but I'm much happier with it now. I was told it was overseasoned, and once I gave it a good cleaning it seems to be working better. It does much better with purchased fondant, and especially lighter colors, as MMF and dark fondants seem to stick to it more, but not always. Sometimes I use the upper layer and sometimes not, it depends on the day and how the fondant is sticking. It is much, much easier to move the fondant though. It is a bit tricky to learn how to get it to release, and I still have trouble with it sometimes. Experience has helped with this.
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