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Mat & Rolling pin

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Hi Everyone!
This is my first post. I need recommendations as to the best Mat and rolling pin for fondant.
I currently have the Wilton mat and fondant roller and hate them both. The mat is cheap quality, edges curl and moves all over the place. The rolling pin I don't have so much an issue with except I prefer one with the handles on the side so it is not slippery when my hands have been coated in shortening before kneading the fondant. Any suggestions??


Love this site!!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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I also bought the Wilton fondant mat and roller. I like the roller but I hated the mat. I bought a silicone mat (Ateco) and have no problems rolling my fondant out on that. Silicone mats will cost you more than the Wilton but it's worth the extra moneyicon_smile.gif
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Try "the mat" I love it. I only use one under and not the other, the top one I found useless so I went halves with my friend!
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Welcome! I also used "the Mat" (just google). I had read about it on this site, did the research and for this amateur it has helped me a great deal.
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