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contract - cake stand rental wording

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I'm having issues getting my stands returned to me. My contract reads:

If non-disposable stands, separator plates, pillars, etc. are used on your cake; there is minimum a $100.00 rental/deposit. All items must be returned in good condition to Lisas Custom Cakes within 5 days of your event. If items are returned in satisfactory condition your deposit less $25.00 rental fee will be returned. If items are not returned within the 5 days or are damaged then you forfeit the deposit.

The problem I have is my customers don't seem to want to return the stands. Does anyone have any suggestions in wording on the contract so that I am assured to get my stands returned to me?
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I have a seperate contract that they need to fill out and sign for any rental equipment. All rental equipment needs to be returned by the Wed. following the event date. I also email the client the return instructions for the rental equipment a day or two before their event and leave a copy at the venue or when they pick up the equipment. If you want to PM me, I can send you a copy of the rental agreement I use and the return instructions I give them. I have never had a problem getting my equipment back on time.

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Thanks, I just PM'd you. Greatly appreciated!
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Your wording is perfectly clear. I wouldn't worry about it -- you get to keep the deposit, and repurchase the supplies. Your clients are choosing to forfeit their deposit... maybe it's a convenience thing and they look at it as though the money lost is reasonable or affordable for them rather than taking the time to return the items -- time is money/their time is valuable. Since they're treating the non-disposable supplies as disposable, you should too. Keep replacing the items as long as you're charging enough to do so.
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Ditto to the pps. You win on this one because you always get to have brand new supplies to work with. If the deposit is not enough to cover the full replacement, then you need to increase it.
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Increase the deposit so that you actually make a little bit of profit. If you are going to be "selling" these stands then make it worth your while: treat it as a business product. Not to mention it takes time to go out and purchase them and money for gas.
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