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In Search of these Molds

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I have a bride would like this cake replicated. I have not been able to locate the molds used on this cake. Has anyone ever seen them or know where I can find them? Thank you!
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These moulds were probably handmade from real lace and food grade silicone.

They look like antique lace yardage of various patterns that has been curved into the semicircles, and the medallions snipped apart. Those also look like paisleys cut from gumpaste and overpiped.

Please explain to your customer that it may not be possible to exactly copy this lace, but that you will (for a fee) find some unique antique lace for her cake.
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You might be able to find something similar at They have a lot of unique and hard to find molds.
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Those don't look like molds to me. It looks like hand piping in buttercream.
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Well I'm sure the half circle is the exact same lace that I have in my sewing scrap box. It might have been overpiped with lines and dots.

And I wouldn't use buttercream for piping lace, but royal icing.
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BakingIrene, I agree, I would do piping in royal icing if it were a fondant finished cake, but that cake looks like it is a buttercream cake with buttercream piping.
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I agree that it looks like hand piped b'cream.
If you can find the lace all you have to do is press it against the b'creamed cake and pipe over the imprint left.
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Thanks everyone. I don't think an exact replication is going to be possible.
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Can those of you who think this is piped buttercream, please explain why you think that?

It's ivory coloured icing for sure...but how do you know it's piped buttercream.
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I think royal icing has a more opaque, almost stained glass look to it, and is shiny.

This looks like buttercream... no shine. Zoomed in, I think I see air bubble breaks in the piping. My experience with royal icing has been that air bubble breaks flow back together to heal themselves or barely surface (yet not enough to pop).
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