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Has anyone tried an airbrush from Dinkydoodle Designs?

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This is a UK company and the woman (Dawn Butler) sells her own airbrush systems, as well as DVD's and other tools. Here is her FB page:

I was wondering if anyone had ever used her product or knew anything about it.

Thanks so much!

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You can buy the same one on I just bought it from there and it works perfect and I saved muchoo money.

dinky's airbrush is nice too but the cost is too high.
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I came across information on the Dinkydoodle on the net that lead me here. I read here that it is available on eBay, but it says in the UK only! Is the Dinkydoodle not available in the U.S.? That would be very disappointing if it's not! Please post more information for interesred U.S. customers!!

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My husband just bought me one for an early Christmas present and I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!! I have never ever used an airbrush before and just make cakes mainly for my boys' birthdays. It was so easy to use and I was happy with the final result :)700

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I'm looking for an airbush myself so this is of interest to me but I have a question about almost every reply here!  


First of all, Dawn thanks so much for your input. 


jtscakery, Did you get the Dinkydoodle off ebay?  Did you get the Dinkydoodle for a lower price?  I would assume "used" if you did?  

Or was it another brand?  Can you please give us some specifics?  




Did you get the Dinkydoodle airbrush?  Or was it another brand?

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I purchased my DinkyDoodle Airbrush not long ago and I absolutely love it, the colours are beautiful and create a fantastic effect on my cakes.  I hadn't used an airbrush before but now I can't leave it alone.  I got mine from The Cake Decorating Company as the delivery is free for orders over £50.

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Have ordered a Dinkydoodle from Cakes Around Town (Australia) $189.00 for the set plus a deal on Americolour Airbrush colours $9.90 for a set, should be here by Friday, can't wait.

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Can I buy this airbrush in the US?  Thanks.

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Can I use the Dinkydoodle colours in any airbrush brandy? Thanks.

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Hi I've just ordered a dinky doodle air brush as the reviews are great, but I was wondering if you can use a different make of airbrush colour in the airbrush as the dinky doodle colours are mega expensive like I haven't paid enough for the machine alone? Thanks please get back to me ASAP thank you
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