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Baking mini cupcakes

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I'm having trouble with some of my mini cupcake batches. Sometimes the cupcake liner will bake into the cake. Sometimes the liner will pull away from the cake after baking. Any suggestions on a remedy? This doesn't happen with my regular cupcakes. Thanks
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This happened to me today. I have a new person working with me and they slightly underfilled the cases. They were baked for the usual amount of time, and were therefore overbaked. Some of the cases shrank into the cupcakes, and some peeled on cooling. It was a recipe I use all the time and the manufacturer and materials of my large and mini cases are they same so I can't blame the cases. We rebaked with the correct amount of batter and they came out fine.

So I would suggest increasing the amount of batter you are using, or decreasing baking time icon_wink.gif
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I would agree. Normally I fill them about two-thirds full and let them cool in the pan for about 3-5 minutes before taking them out and letting them completely cool on wire racks. Sometimes you have to do a few small batches at different times and do the tooth-pick test to see what the perfect baking time is for that particular recipe icon_smile.gif
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