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I have a problem if I try to ice a cold or frozen cake with condensation forming. How do you all get around the waterfall down the tiers?
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Making life sweet!

Lindas Just Desserts

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Originally Posted by Pearl645

Originally Posted by Bluehue

80% of my Wedding business is Mud Cakes...
Whether Dark Chocolate - White Chocolate or somewhere inbetween - flavour them with what ever you wish - cherry ripes - peppermint - coffeee - rum - morello cherries........etc etc etc

And yes - i always work with cold cakes.
As some have already stated - so much easier when handling - torting - filling and stacking. No crumbs - no mess.

Mud Cakes = a dense moist cake.
Very suitable for all weathers
Will stay dense and moist for at least 5 days.

99% of the time they are torted and filled with a ganache...again - flavoured to the customers wishes.

Most popular cake here in Australia.


So is wasc considered a mud cake? I always thought a mud cake was a chocolate cake with some chocolate filling!

Pearl - i am not sure what is in all WASC cakes - but here is a link showing the list of Mud Cakes.
Mud Cakes are much denser than your everyday mud cake - that is for sure.
Very moist...
and here is a link showing a thread that was started last year - for those who wanted to make a mud cake.

It does have recipes dotted here and there throughout the thread...
Hope this helps you pearl.
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I have iced cold cakes and have gotten big air bubbles under my buttercream. How do yall prevent that?
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Hi, I have also started assembling my cakes while they are frozen. It is so much easier. I am also having the problem of my frosting getting air bubbles underneath the frosting and then the frosting falling off of my cakes.

Should I crumb coat the frozen cakes and then let them thaw before I finish them? Any ideas? Thanks, Maishelle
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bumping for answers to the last 2 questions...
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Remembering that i am in Australia and not 100% up on the different cakes and fillings others use..... so in saying that....

I never fill a frozen cake - cold yes, but never frozen.
As the cake thaws the added moisture from the *frozen* cake can contribute to how your filling and crumb coat either stays or decides to fall/slide off.

The added moisture needs to escape (so to speak) and by being locked in due to the filling and crumb coat i am thinking that this is why some are finding air bubbles in thier filling.

I would suggest (and its only my thoughts) that the cake be allowed to thaw before filling.

This is differrent to a cold cake.

Something that i do do is....

After my cake is baked - i tort it into its layers...
Then stacking it back up again with freezer bags in between each layer.
Freezer bags work a treat as they make seperating the layers so easy when need be.

When i take my frozen cake from the freezer DURING THE DAY, i unwrap the glad wrap - seperate the layers - and after about 15 minutes my layers are ready to fillled and then stacked again.

IF i take my frozen cake out of the freezer at night time before i go to bed, i just leave it as a whole cake on the bench..... then in the morning - upwrap and seperate the layers.

After filling my cake and stacking the layers back up again - i lay sheets of baking paper on top - then place my extrememly heavy bread board on top - so as to help with the settling process.

I leave my cake like this for at least 3 hours.

Then i do my outter layer/crumb coat - which is ganache.
After this process has been done, i again place baking paper on top and put the extremely heavy bread board back on top - I then leave my cake for at least 6 hours - mostly oivernight.

As ganache does not have to be refridgerated - i am safe in doing this.
I understand that many use perishable fillings - and that thier *weighted cake* would need to go into a fridg.

Please...this is how I do it - i am not saying this is how it must be done....just adding a suggestion to this may help some.
Bluehue icon_smile.gif
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Thank you for helping me with this. I am going to try some of your ideas and from now on I will not frost frozen cakes. I am sure that is why all of a sudden I am having a problem with my frosting falling off of my cakes. Your explanation really helped. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks Bluehue!
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Oh you are both most welcome - i just find that these things work for me - so hopefully they wiil help and work for you too. icon_smile.gif

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