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Ingredients you swear by to make FABUOUSLY moist cupcakes?

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I'm in research mode.

I'm reading up on this and have that people will put some of the following in their batters (not all of them in one batter, of course):

sour cream
greek Yogurt
miracle Whip
ground almonds
potato starch

What is your fave?

I'm trying to make the most moistest cupcakes anyone's every tasted.
If it means putting in anchovies I'll do it!

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sour cream

I'm curious to know how mayonnaise and miracle whip work in cakes and what success people have had with it. Cake Love uses potato starch in their yellow cake. Heard it makes a light and soft cake.
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Have tried and it works:

mayonnaise (esp in chocolate)

leftover pastry cream folded in at the very end

cake flour instead of all-purpose
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Coffee instead of water in chocolate cake!
Every path has its puddles.
Every path has its puddles.
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I second the coffee in chocolate, I have also heard of using apple sauce but haven't tried it.
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sour cream definitely helps make those chocolate cupcakes moist!
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Hi Girls & Boys
Could someone please share a cup cake recipe that uses oil instead of butter?
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A quick question, can I put miracle whip in my carrot cake recipe? I really do not want to go out to get some sour cream.
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I've made very moist choc cuppies with the Chocolate WASC recipe on CC. Just watch not to overbake and take out while there are still crumbs on the toothpick tester.
As for mayo in chocolate cake, when I was a child, long long long ago, that was a very popular cake. I always thought I could taste the mayo in it and didn't like it but that may have just been my imagination.
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half milk half whipping cream sour cream[/b]
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I agree on at least some oil as opposed to all butter, mayo for my RV, and though it's not an ingredient, not overbaking (it sounds obvious but it makes a HUGE difference).
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Don't overbake. icon_biggrin.gif Best ingredient in your pantry.
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I've heard that adding glycerin makes the cakes/cupcakes really moist... anyone tried that??
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Ahh yes. Good old non over-baking. My cakes come out so moist when I bake them one layer at a time and once that cake tester is clean, out those cake pans go. Even a sponge cake can bake nice and moist once not over-baked. I read Lindy's Cakes Madeira cake recipe calls for a small amount of glycerin per egg for the same effect. Haven't tried it though. I also found a lot of my scratch recipes are more moist when baked one recipe at a time. Once I start doubling and tripling...say hello to a heavy cake that isn't so moist anymore.
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Originally Posted by fcakes

I've heard that adding glycerin makes the cakes/cupcakes really moist... anyone tried that??

Well, I think you can add whatever to a box mix and it'll still make a cake, but I'd never add glycerin to a scratch cake!

Seriously, ya'all, I don't mean to sound crappy or whatever, but if you are trying to figure out what to add to your cake to make it "moist", "super moist", "moistest", or "more moist" then you are not baking properly. Meaning, you are over-mixing, over-measuring, and/or over-baking. Or your recipe sucks. You also don't want "the moistest cupcakes anyone has ever had" because they will crumble, fall apart and not pull from your papers, which happens when you add too much fat, sugar, eggs, whatever.

"Moist" is for armpits. If you have a good recipe, weigh your ingredients, follow the recipe directions and don't bake it until it's a brick, your cake should be good.

Also, cakes need time to mature. I know, everyone thinks they want cake straight from the oven but I guarantee you - put a hot cake straight in the freezer overnight. Not only will the flavor completely change, deepen and develop from a cake that seems dry and flavorless straight from the oven, it will also lock in any condensation that naturally escapes when a hot thing meets cool air. making it, er, more moist icon_biggrin.gif.
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